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This alphabetical advisor sincerely defines regular grammatical phrases and exhibits how they're used, encompassing variations as present in Huddleston and Pullum's Cambridge Grammar of the English Language.

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Present simple (especially in subordinate clauses) – Phone us when you arrive this evening. will + progressive – Next week’s programme will be starting half an hour earlier. shall + infinitive (in formal style, with first person subjects) – We shall look forward to receiving your order. ) future perfect The verb construction consisting of a future 46 A GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR construction + perfect infinitive (for example, will have eaten), referring to something which, from a future standpoint, is seen to have happened in the past.

26 A GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR When the verb is in the hypothetical past tense, conditional clauses express ‘unreal’ meaning: (d) [If she knew about his behaviour], she would never forgive him. (e) I would have invited you [if I had realized you were in town]. ) Sentence (e) illustrates the hypothetical past perfect, referring to an unreal, or imaginary, happening in the past. In teaching English grammar, the sentence types illustrated by examples (a), (d) and (e) are called ‘first conditional’, ‘second conditional’ and ‘third conditional’.

For example, in (a) the ellipsis avoids the repetition of the word car. In avoiding repetition, ellipsis is similar in its function to substitution (for example, the use of pro-forms such as one and do so), and is sometimes referred to as ‘substitution by zero’. A GLOSSARY OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR 37 embedding (or nesting) The inclusion of one unit as part of another unit of the same general type. For example, embedding of one phrase inside another is very common. In [at [the other end [of [the road]]]], one prepositional phrase [of the road] is embedded in another [at the other end of the road]; also, one noun phrase [the road] is embedded in another noun phrase [the other end of the road].

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