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By David Wise, Rodney Anderson

ISBN-10: 0972775552

ISBN-13: 9780972775557

The New Revised, improved sixth Edition of A Headache within the Pelvis describes the Stanford Protocol, the hot landmark remedy constructed at Stanford collage within the division of Urology for women and men with pelvic pain/discomfort and similar indicators.

This new therapy for pelvic discomfort has been proven to aid decrease indicators in a wide majority of guys who've been clinically determined with prostatitis who didn't reply to the other remedy. For muscle-related pelvic soreness, it can be considerably precious to ladies. The stipulations that this protocol has helped comprises pelvic ground disorder, prostatitis, power pelvic soreness syndrome, levator ani syndrome, interstititial cystitis, power pelvic discomfort, and pelvic ground myalgia between others.

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