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This ebook represents the fruit of decades of study into using acupuncture as a device for liberating retaining styles within the bodymind which will restoration functional/structural stability and to alleviate power ache. Dr. appear stocks his medical event of the way and why this variety of acupuncture works and provides particular protocols to be used within the sanatorium. This publication is a invaluable reference textual content for an individual whose perform focuses often on acupuncture.

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Blood and fluids. While Worsley is clearly biased toward a homeopathic appreciation of pure vibration, TCM is weighted heavily toward a materialist perspective. Worsley, of course, also adds the five phase filter as the key filter for diagnosis and treatment planning, while TCM sees the five phases as a historical curiosity worthy of mention but not terribly relevant clinically. What is strikingly absent from both the TCM and the Worsley Five Element approaches is the meridian filter which dominates a meridian-based acupuncture style of practice.

Five phase treatment is reserved in a meridian approach for treating yin deficiency or root imbalance, while local treatment strategies are adopted to treat superficially constrained qi. " According to Denmei, five phase acupuncture is the key to root treatment. He goes on to state that internal deficiency is the focus of such root treatment, since internal excess is rarer and harder to diagnose. He begins by stating that yin deficiency, determined by five phases pulse diagnosis, must be tonified using five phase points and strategies.

The areas of constrained qi, in other words, are what the patient experiences subjectively. The tight tender spots found on palpation of a frozen shoulder are the patient's complaint. Van Nghi, on the other hand, has interpreted this same principle solely in the context of tendinomuscular treatment. He labels the tendinomuscular meridians yang and the regular meridians yin. He then concludes from the above principle that if yang, the tendmomuscular meridian in his interpretation, is excess, then yin, the corresponding regular meridian, must be deficient or tending toward deficiency.

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