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Covers the most principles at the back of the language and offers an intensive advent to new suggestions and concerns linked to utilizing Java. Illustrated all through with examples. Paper.

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Thus, the statement: String lpLocation, user = "David Jones"; declares two string variables: lpLocation which will be uninitialized and user which will contain the string "David Jones". In the same way that arrays are regarded in Java as objects, so are strings. There is, for example, a method associated with strings called length which can be used when sending a message to a string in order to ascertain its length. length(); delivers the number of characters in the string telnetId. All the primitive data types within Java can be given values by means of assignment statements.

The class SalesEmployee, further down the hierarchy, might contain an instance variable which details the current sales for the month for a sales person and the current sales for the year for the same sales person. There would also be methods associated with these instance variables, for example methods which add a new sale to these variables and which retrieve the values stored in them. 4 Class libraries At this stage in the book it is worth providing some vocabulary. When a class A inherits methods and variables from a class B, then A is known as the subclass of B and B is known as the superclass of A.

The frequent use of these facilities often leads to making your code as unreadable as if you had used goto statements. In many cases there is a much better solution to the problems that you intended solving using break and continue. 3 Strings as objects The previous two sections of this chapter have concentrated on the basic data types and control structures of Java. To conclude the chapter we are returning to strings. There are a number of reasons behind this. First, strings in Java are regarded as objects and we feel that before reading the next chapter it would be useful for you to see more messages being sent to objects and, also, since many of you will be familiar with strings within other programming languages it would be easy for you to understand the main object concepts that you need to program in Java.

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