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39 (2257-2317) Chapter 1. The concept of analogy ery sort of change, order, sequence, difference, agreement. (quoted from Slagle 1975: 341) In the same vein, Karl Ferdinand Becker, a representative of ‘general grammar’, claimed in 1841 that non-sensible entities can only be expressed by a sort of ‘translation process’, namely by using words that originally refer to sensible entities (cf. Itkonen 1991: 281–283). Sometimes it seems that the concern with metaphor focuses too much on lexical semantics.

This is generalization-2. And when the notion of wave was next generalized-1 to the phenomenon of light (= C), this meant moving from X (rather than from B) to C and thus assuming – again – some more abstract structure X’ shared by X and C. This is one more instance of generalization-2. 11. Up to now it has been implicitly assumed that the systems (or structures) between which an analogy holds must be situated at the same level of abstraction. The wave example shows that this need not be the case (because there is an analogy between X and C as well as between B and C).

This is taken to lend support to the view that there is indeed such a rule (and, simultaneously, to the view that O1 and O2 are indeed exemplifications of this rule). 22 is able to express the reanalysis implicit in every abduction: what is first conceptualized as dogs or cats, is subsequently conceptualized as dog-s or cat-s. 21 represents discovery and invention of analogy. However, it does not represent application of analogy, or Type 4 of our taxonomy (cf. 10). 23). 16. 23 might be said to represent the deductive-analogical inference.

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